Exploring trauma, body image, sexuality and longing. 

My restless, chaotic soul found its rhythm the first moment my feet landed on the streets of New York City. The beat of each step echoed as a rhythm to the thoughts in my mind and the energy of people coming and going, and the apartment windows gave me a glimpse into a life and culture for one quick moment of the shutter of my camera. My thoughts, like claws  in my brain, danced in perfect movement with my feet. Endorphins soared with scene I encountered, more exciting than a Netflix Original.   These images are of a split-second in time that fed my energy to keep going for another day. The paintings are snapshots of momentary expressions, combined with thick strokes of color from a pallet knife, perhaps echoing my mind trying to sooth itself but then coming back around with another thought, another restless moment, to be soothed again.

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